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(Edited 1/9/23)

The History of Montana Satellite Services & Lone Pine Technology

The Journey from Telephone jacks to a Word-wide Connectivity and Communications Providers

1984 – Montana Satellite Services’s history stretches back to 1984 when owner, Tom Mattheisen opened a telecommunications business under the name “X-Tensions Phone Service” installing telephones in homes and businesses!

1992 – A few years later, we started providing computer-related services, as well as DISH Network and Pegasus Express satellite television equipment and services and later, DirecTV as well under the name “ICSM” which stood for “Internections Computer Services of Montana!”  (not sure what we were thinking there)

1997 – By 1997, we found ourselves in the Satellite Internet business, providing DirecWay Satellite Internet systems to residential and small business customers in finding a need for a shorter name that would allow us to provide several different products and services, we became “Allied-Force!”

2000 – It only took a few more years for us to realize that “Allied-Force” was not the best name for marking satellite-related equipment and services, so we changed our name to “Montana Satellite & Wireless!”

2002 – One of our greatest moves came in October of 2002 when we became one of the first certified dealers and installation providers for MotoSat, which was the leading developer of mobile satellite systems in the World for residential/small business platforms!  We started offering their mobile satellite Internet and television products! We have now become a leader for mobile satellite Internet, Communications, and mobile satellite television products and services featuring products from Ground Control, AVL, Winegard, Eagle, Virgin, and others!

2003 – Realizing that it was hard for our customers, fellow installers, and do-it-yourselfers, to find the satellite-related equipment products and services they were looking for… we opened our secure online store in 2003! We provided satellite-related equipment, parts, signal meters, installation supplies, tools, and accessories!  In 2003, we also started providing contract installation and maintenance services for several National Satellite Sales companies, Network Operations  Centers, and Service Provides including HughesNet, SpaceNet, Verizon, USSI, Techlink, Expedition, Satcom, Telesat, Tachyon, LBISat!  This experience familiarized us with the many other satellite-related products on the market, and also allowed us to participate in training programs and classes to expand our education and experience on the variety of products and services available in our industry!

2004 – In 2004 after playing with the name “Montana Satellite & Wireless” we kept finding ourselves getting calls for cellular services and decided to change our name once again, this time to “Montana Satellite Services!”

2007 – In 2007, we started manufacturing our own line of satellite dish antenna covers that helped prevent snow and ice buildup on satellite television and satellite Internet dish antennas and changed our online store name to “Montana Satellite Supply!   We now offer MTSAT Heavy Duty Satellite Dish Covers for almost every 18″ – 2.4m satellite television and satellite Internet / VSAT dish antenna on the market today!   Montana Satellite Supply also offers the largest selection of satellite dish heaters, heating systems, and anti-ice, and de-icing products for satellite Internet and Television systems on the market today!

2010 – We expanded our consulting services in 2010, after realizing that many people were being over-sold or under-sold on satellite-related products and services!  We realized that we could help our customers find the right service and equipment for their needs instead of forcing one product or service on them like many other re-sellers are forced to do!  Our relationship with so many different Service Providers and Equipment manufacturers, allows us to help our customers find the right product and service for their needs without under-selling or over-selling them!

2014 – In order to provide our online store customers with a better quality of service, and in order to properly support online marketing, we separated Montana Satellite Supply from Montana Satellite Services!

2021 – Because of our change in products and services and the addition of products and services that do now include the satellite industry and our number of sales outside of Montana U.S.A., we changed our name to Lone Pine Technology and built a new, easier to use, and inclusive site at to better serve our customers.

2022 – Tom and his team sell, install, service, and support the largest variety of satellite Internet, satellite television, and satellite communications products and services you will find on the market!  The product and service lines have expanded to include everything necessary for satellite entertainment, Internet / Intranet access, and communications from sites in rural areas including offering cellular amplifiers and more!

2023 – This new year brings us new challenges and rewards as we evolve with this ever-changing industry.  We are excited to see Starlink advances this year as well as the introduction of OneWeb and other services.  We offer Starlink installation supplies, pipe adapters, and more, and we have added services for doing Starlink Installations in our local service areas. We are excited to offer OneWeb  Enterprise products, services, and installations later this year as well.  We hope to see HughesNet Fusion and Gen6 services available soon also!

Contact us to see how our experience can help you find the right products and services for your needs!