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Even if we do not offer the most reasonable product and service available to you in your area or for your location and application, we'll still point you in the right direction.

Internet Connectivity

We offer internet connectivity solutions for any application.


Now you can Control your Home or Business while you are away!


We offer several different security solutions.


"Alexa, Lock my Front Door!" is now a reality whether you are home or away.

Find the best Internet Access Solution for Your Needs & Budget

Why would you pay more if you do not need more?  We’ve saved individuals and large corporations tens, hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month by getting them the best solution, the right equipment, and the most reasonable service provider(s) for their needs whether they need connectivity here in the Flathead Valley or in Cabo! Is your solution offering you the Freedom and Independence you are looking for or are you tied to service contracts and lease payments? Do you have the speeds and the amount of data that you need every day, month, etc. or are you often running out or spending for way more than you need? We can help-you find the best connectivity solution for your needs whether you’re just renting a room, on the road in your RV, or running a large enterprise!

Does this Work with That?

Will you security system integrate with your smart phone or with Alexis?  Can you turn on and off lights and cameras remotely?  Are your security and smart-home solutions doing what you want them to do? Would you like even more capabilities?  Are you tired of paying high monthly fees to lease equipment or for monitoring services?  Are your cameras of such low quality or in the wrong location, that they are worthless for catching thieves or preventing theft and vandalism?  We can help!  Our knowledge and experience in these area and our familiarity with the various security, smart home automation, and communications products and solutions out there make us worth the phone call!

Where Should it Go?

Are you installing a satellite TV antenna, Satellite Internet Dish, Off-air antenna, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Access Points, Cellular Signal Boosters, Amplifiers, or Repeaters or something else? Let us help you find the best location to get a clear signal, method of installation to provide for a good, clean, professional look, and a stable installation. Our selection of tripods, mounts, adapters, and more will certainly help you to get the job done right, and we have the installation tools and supplies to help you to make it happen, but let us help you discover the how, where, by contacting us first!

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