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Get Internet Access from ANY Cell Tower with One LTE*

Global WiFi from One LTE

Are you a Truck Driver, or Operating a Food Truck?

Are you Working at a Trade Show, Flea Market, or other Event?

Are you in an area where you are unable to get reliable service from Starlink?

Are you too far out for Cable Internet or good DSL services?

Can you not see a tower to get P2P service?

Maybe a Cellular Internet Access Solution is Best for you?

Imagine being able to use one small USB Dongle, a Portable WiFi Unit, and one of our WiFi Routers to get WiFi Internet Access from whatever cellular tower is providing the best signal and speeds in the area you are in or passing through.  Introducing the VSIM and One LTE!

One LTE USB Stick - TD10
One LTE MiFi T8 Portable Cellular Internet Access from multiple providers!
One LTE CPE TR200 Wireless Router for Cellular Internet Access

In today’s fast-paced world, reliable internet connectivity is a lifeline for businesses on the move. Whether you’re navigating the bustling environment of a flea market, running transactions at your food truck, or covering miles on the road as a truck driver, One LTE offers the ultimate cellular hotspot solutions. Dive into how One LTE’s innovative products – including the MiFi T8, TD10, CPE TR110, and TR200 – revolutionize connectivity for businesses everywhere.

Cellular hotspots have become the backbone of mobile business operations, providing a secure and reliable WiFi connection on the go. Especially for vendors and tradespeople leveraging POS systems like Square, a stable internet connection ensures seamless transactions, customer interactions, and access to real-time data. One LTE’s cellular internet access solutions stand out by offering:

Uninterrupted Connectivity: With the ability to switch to the strongest cell tower, One LTE ensures that truck drivers and traveling businesses remain connected, no matter where the road takes them.

Global Coverage: Access high-speed 4G LTE connections with over 300 global providers in more than 200 countries, making it a breeze to stay online without roaming charges.

Cellular Data Devices / Cellular WiFi Routers

MiFi T8 & TD10: Perfect for small teams and personal use, these devices connect up to 8 devices, offering flexibility and mobility.

CPE TR110 & TR200: Designed for more demanding needs, these units support up to 32 connections, ideal for larger operations or locations requiring extensive coverage.

One LTE is a Game-Changer for Truck Drivers and POS Systems:

One LTE’s solutions are not just about getting online; they’re about staying online with robust, reliable service. For truck drivers, the dynamic switching between cell towers is a game-changer, ensuring that they have continuous access to navigation, communication, and entertainment. Similarly, vendors utilizing POS systems like Square find One LTE invaluable for its reliability and fast setup, ensuring that sales and inventory management can proceed without a hitch.

With options for additional batteries and antenna extenders, One LTE lets you build a high-speed network in locations previously constrained by lack of access or poor connectivity. This flexibility opens up a myriad of possibilities for personal use in hotels, RVs, remote offices, and more – proving particularly beneficial for:

  • Flea Markets and Trade Shows
  • Food Trucks and Catering Services
  • Truck Drivers
  • Mobile Offices and Remote Work Sites

Data Plans

And you won’t even believe this! There are no contracts and you can buy service/data just for a day or for a weekend, or however much you think you will need.

In a world where connectivity is crucial, One LTE’s cellular hotspots provide a reliable, efficient solution for businesses and individuals alike. By choosing One LTE, you’re not just selecting an internet service; you’re empowering your small business with the freedom to operate almost anywhere, anytime. Learn more about our One LTE offerings here, or explore our range of products here, and take the first step towards seamless connectivity with One LTE.

*One LTE uses services provided by and off the towers of the major cellular providers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.