Hughes Announces END OF LIFE for HN & HX Platforms coming May, 2024!

Hughes has just announced the END OF LIFE for their HN and HX Platforms of Service happening in May of 2024.

The HN & HX platforms included the HN7000s and HN7700 modems, and the HX platform included the HX50 and HX200 modems, which have primarily been used in Haiti, Bahamas, Cuba, South America and other areas around the World.  The Gen 5 HT platform took over the Continental US, Alaska, and other areas several years ago.

Hughes offers the new Jupiter Gen5 Equipment and Services  and has been for quite some time now!  They are excited to be a part of the new OneWeb service coming in 2023, that will directly compete with Starlink!

We’ll post an official press release from Hughes soon as they just notified some of their dealers today!

Hughes is just one of the many Internet Access Solutions that we offer!  Contact us to find the best solution for your location and application!