LBiSat offers services on Galaxy 18 @ 123 West and EU117 at 117 West as well!  LBiSat is one of our most highly recommended iDirect service providers due to their 24/7 support, fast resolution, fast set-ups and fine pointing, variety of stock and customized  service plans and more!

They offers plans for small 64k SCADA apps up to MCPC plans for Broadcasting College Football Games.  Our most common customers include resorts in Mexico, Windmill Farms in Eastern Montana, banks in California, and Wildland Fire Fighting and Emergency Services Teams from all over the country.

If you want something more reliable and more powerful than our HughesNet platform, with a much broader coverage area, then iDirect via LBiSat is probably for you.

Contact us for current info as our plan examples were outdated, but new ones are coming soon!