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ISPSAT Satellite Internet Equipment & Services

Supercharged HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet Services

ISPSAT is a platform that offers Internet access via Satellite via the Hughes Gen5 Business Internet Platform!  We sell, service, and support our own customers, and because of that, our customers are allowed to self-install, self-maintain, and even move around their own high-speed satellite Internet access solution!  You can’t get that option or this level of service and support anywhere else!
25Mbps download x 3Mbps upload speeds
(improving soon to 100Mbps x 5Mbps)
Fixed/Stationary, Portable & Mobile-Automatic Equipment Options
Self-installable, Self-maintainable, and Portable (Take it with you on the road!)
Works through-out the Continental U.S. and in parts of Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and more!
Awesome Support when you need it
via text, phone, email, Skype & WhatsApp!
Month-to-Month and Seasonal Options are available as well! ($$)
Unlimited Data! If you run out of full-speed data, we just slow you down to 1 - 2Mbps speeds until you either purchase more full-speed data, upgrade your plan or wait until your data refreshes!


$699.95 + $150 shipping

Our basic ISPSAT/Hughes Gen5 Satellite Internet Systems can be self-installed on an optional trimast wall/roof mount, on a ground pole mount, or using one of our other custom mounting solutions and self-maintained as needed!

Portable Kit

$799.95 + $200 shipping

Our portable ISPSAT/Hughes Gen5 Satellite Internet Systems include a flat non-pen mount and 50′ of coaxial cable and can be self-installed and moved around anywhere in the Continental U/S. as well as parts of Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands!


$6995.00 + $200 shipping

Our ISPSAT/Hughes Gen5 Mobile-Automatic Satellite Internet Systems are typically mounted on the roof of an RV or other vehicle, trailer, etc., and provide high-speed internet access at the touch of a button!

Check out our HN and HX Satellite Internet Platforms as well.

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