ISPSAT-HN Coverage Areas

There are several different satellites that work for our Ku-Band HN platform including  89W, 99W, and 127W so our coverage areas extend far beyond that of our newer, faster Gen5 HT Platform Coverage Areas, but in many ways the HN platform could be a better solution for you anyway!

Continental United States

You will have satellite Internet service from IPSAT on our HN7000s Platform with a .74m - .98m antenna with a 1-watt or 2-Watt Transmitter/LNB anywhere in the Continental US via one of many satellites offering Ku-Band Services.


The HN platform works great in Alaska, but we recommend our 2-watt transmitters and at least a .98m antenna.  Some areas will require a 1.2m dish and a 2-watt transmitter for reliable service.

Internet for Haiti

Our HN platform is very popular in Haiti as coverage is offered in that area by at least 1 Ku-Band Satellite.

Internet Access for Cuba

The HN platform is currently the ONLY platform offered in Cuba, however the standard .98m 2-watt equipment configuration works just fine.

Internet Access for the Bahamas

Our HN Platform works in parts of the Bahamas, however the larger 1.2m 2-watt equipment configuration is required in SOME areas.

Internet Access for Mexico

Our HN platform works great all over Mexico even down into parts of South America, however the 1.2m 2-watt equipment configuration may be required in some area.

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