ISPSAT-HT Cancel Service

Customers of ISPSAT/HughesNet on our HughesNet Gen5 VAR platform must use this form to request the cancelation of the account.  Your SAN & PIN is required for your security in order to submit this request. Cancelations only occur at the end of your current billing period following your requested cancelation date.  If you have not maintained at least 24 months of active service on the account, you will be billed an early termination fee of up to $400.  Your account will not be canceled until the account is paid in full.  Make sure you get a cancelation confirmation from us at the end of the current billing period, or contact us ASAP, as we are not responsible for cancelation or any additional service and/or billing if you do not receive a cancelation confirmation from us. You must have a SAN starting with HMSBI or LBSBIMTS in order for us to cancel your account.

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