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HughesNet OPI, DAPT 1, DAPT 2, DAPT 3 Overview & Comparisons

The first DirecWay OPI was a device used to display signal quality and crosspole values that are displayed on the DirecWay or HughesNet Modem, out at the dish in order to make it easy to properly peak the antenna. Now they are called DATP units for Digital Antenna Pointing Tool and they have evolved over the years. In formation about the DAPT meters and OPI is sorted here from newest to oldest.

Hughes DAPT3 Satellite Signal Meters

Information Coming Soon!

Hughes DAPT2 Satellite Signal Meters
DAPT2 Signal Meter by HughesNet Displays the current and maximum signal strengths out at your Satellite Dish!

The HughesNet DAPT 2 added a speaker to work with the Gen4 and Gen5 Jupiter Systems!


Hughes DAPT Satellite Signal Meters

The DAPT 1 added capability for use with the HughesNet Ka band HN9000 systems (with the optional squinters).

Direcway/Hughes OPI Satellite Signal Meters
direcway_22khz filter_opi_dapt_filter_block

The OPI was used with the DirecWay DW6000, DW7000, DW7700, and even the HughesNet HN7000S and HN7700 Ku band modems for many years!  When the HughesNet systems hit the market, HughesNet discontinued the DirecWay OPI and replaced it with the HughesNet OPI, and then shortly after with the HughesNet DAPT.

All of the OPI and DAPT units work with the Ku Band systems if you use the optional 22khz filter with them!

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