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ISPSAT HN90M Mobile-Automatic Satellite Internet Systems – Switch Satellites in Blackout Areas

If you are unable to connect to the Internet while using the HT2000T modem, it is possible you are in an area that has no reception and you may need to switch your modem settings. There is NO service in the red areas on the Echostar 19 map below and you will need to switch over to ECHO 17 while you are in these areas!

Internet Coverage Areas for the HN90M Mobile-Automatic Satellite Internet System.

1. Make sure your computer and/or smartphone is on the WIFI network that the Hughes
HT2000T modem is connected to.

2. Open a web browser (Edge, etc.) and type to access the Hughes modem
status page.

ht2000-modem home page link
HT2000 Modem Home Screen - Not Commissioned

On the top line click the ‘hidden i’ icon to get into the Install Menu.

HT2000 Installation Menu Link Location

On the left side of the screen click ‘Installation’ and then ‘Install’.

The  next screen should look like this or something similar:

HT2000 Satellite Selection Location.

Select Echostar 17 (Jupiter I) for the areas where Echostar 19 (Jupiter II) is blocked out. (See Echostar 19 map to identify these blackout areas).

Click submit and then you can close this browser.

7. When the EagleNet controller communicates with the modem the initial screen will

  • HT2000 97.1W for Echo 19 (Jupiter II)
  • HT2000 107.1W for Echo 17 (Jupiter I)

Push the ‘SEARCH’ button.

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