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How do I suspend my monthly ISPSAT/HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet Services

If you are a customer of HughesNet Consumer Services, please visit or call 866-347-3292 to order data tokens as the information below is only for customers of ISPSAT!

We get asked all of the time about how service suspensions work on our HughesNet Gen5 VAR Business Internet platform and about the related fees involved!  Here is an explanation of how that all works!

First!  It’s easy to suspend or reinstate your service on our VAR Business Internet Platform!  You simply submit this form when you are ready to suspend or re-activate your service (some terms, conditions, and fees apply… so please read the information on this page below for details):

Suspend/Re-activate Form

Please keep in mind that you must use this form to suspend your service and you must use this form to re-activate your service if you want your account reactivated before the 6-months of suspension is over!   We will automatically reactivate your account and resume standard billing for your current monthly service plan on the 7th month!

If you paid the $400 early termination fee up-front as described below under “Month-to-Month Suspension Options” below, then you will need to submit another Suspension Request Form to suspend your service again on month 8 if you wish to continue suspending your account and service for a longer period of time!

2-Year Contract Suspension Options

All of our monthly service plans on our VAR Business Internet Services REQUIRE you to commit and agree to a standard 2-year contract which means you must keep your service active with us for a minimum of 2-years and if you fail to do so there is a one-time $400 early termination fee if you cancel during the first 7 months of service then the early termination fee is pro-rated down from there depending on how long you’ve had your service active with us!

Under the terms of the 2-year contract, you can suspend your service for up to 6 months at a time at a cost of $20 per month, however, your contract term is extended by the number of months you suspend the service!  So, if you suspend your service 6 months per year, your contract will not end until you have a combined total of 24 months of active service with us which means at 6 months of active service per year, your contract won’t end for 4 years instead of 2-years.

On this platform, we do allow you to suspend your service for up to 6 months at a time at a cost of $20 per month!  Billing of your full monthly service rate will begin automatically at the end of your 6-month suspension.  So, for example, if you suspended your service on November 15th, you can only suspend your service until May 15th and on May 16th your service will be restored and you will be billed a pro-rated amount of your standard monthly service plan to get you to the end of May and then you will be billed a full month of service on June 1st.

Month-to-month Suspension Options

We do offer a month-to-month option as well!  It’s somewhat complicated and typically the only people that choose a month-to-month plan are those who only use their service a few weeks or months of the year, or just need it here and there, once in a while!  Basically, the easiest way to explain it is like this:

Under the normal 2-year contract and commitment, you can suspend your service up to 6 months per year at a cost of $20 per month, service is restored and billing resumes on the 7th month of suspension!  However, if you choose to pay the $400 early termination fee upfront, we will allow you to suspend your service for up to 6 months, pay the 7th full month of service in order to keep your account active in our system, and then suspend your service again on the 8th month for up to another 6 months at a cost of $20 per month!

This means that as long as you pay $20 per month when your service is suspended and as long as we can bill you for the 7th month of service, you can request that we suspend your account again on the 8th month for up to another 6 months!

I hope that helps!  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about suspending your monthly service plan on our VAR Business Internet platform!

Special Situations and Circumstances

Contact Us if you have a special situation or circumstance you are hoping to work out as we do have the power to make special arrangements sometimes! For instance, sometimes we have accounts sitting around that we can rent to you for a couple of weeks or a month or so eliminating the need for the $400 early termination fee!

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