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HughesNet Antennas Skew/Tilt Settings

The antenna skew/tilt setting indicator is directly above the long elevation adjustment bolt  on the .98m Prodelin antennas and others but you don’t have to set it on a round dish with HughesNet Gen 5 or with the ne Rembrandt Ku band radio on the HN7000s network either! For example, the antenna in the picture below is set to -21 skew/tilt! You will notice there is a + side and a – side.  If you have an oval antenna such as the .74m, you WILL NEED TO SET THE SKEW PROPERLY in order to get a signal and get online, HOWEVER if you are using the .90m round metal antenna, you will notice that it does not have a skew/tilt adjustment. If you are using the .98m round fiber antenna  with HughesNet Gen5, we recommend that you set your skew/tilt to 0 as it doesn’t matter when you are using a round antenna!

HughesNet Gen5 Antenna Skew - Tilt Setting
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