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HughesNet Coaxial Cable Lengths Guide for HughesNet Gen5

We get asked all the time how far you can run a cable between the HughesNet antenna and the satellite modem!  The simple answer is that with the standard RG6 3.0Ghz with a solid copper center conductor cable like we normally use and ship with our systems, we’ve gone up to 220 feet between the satellite dish and the modem, however, a max of 150 feet is recommended!  We typically recommend RG11 coaxial cable for cable runs over 150 feet!

The older HughesNet Ku-Band systems, such as the HN7000s used dual-coax, one cable for transmitting (uploading), and one for receiving (downloading), but the newer HughesNet Gen5 Ka-band systems only require one coaxial cable run between the antenna and the satellite modem (IDU) location.

There are different qualities of RG6 coax and RG11 coax that will work for longer distances, but they are much more expensive than the standard RG6 and RG11 that we normally use!

Hughes published this guide for RG6 and RG11 for Gen5 installation for their installer’s reference!  We usually only refer to it when we need 200′ – 300′ coaxial cable runs.

We prefer to use this single black high-frequency RG6 coaxial cable (available per foot) for up to 150′ runs for our HughesNet and other installations because it meets or exceeds the requirements below. However, if you are a HughesNet installer that is paid by Hughes, you will want to purchase cable approved for HughesNet installations or you will not get paid.

The following requirement are what certified Hughes Installers are expected to go by and required to meet for Gen5 HT2010/W Modems/Routers:

If you would like to order any of the above coaxial cable, please contact us for a quote.

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