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ISPSAT/HughesNet Equipment Warranty and Repair/Replacement Processes

UPDATED 03/20/19

We offer equipment and services on a VAR Business Internet Platform, and because of that, our warranty repair/replacement options and requirements are different than the standard HughesNet 1-Year Equipment Warranty that they have on the Consumer and HughesNet Business Internet Platforms.   Please contact us to troubleshoot your equipment and discuss your warranty and repair/replacement options or review the extended information below for more information!

It is important to know that the first line under the official HughesNet Equipment Warranty reads as follows:

This Limited Warranty does not cover damage or affected operation of the above-referenced Equipment resulting from:
•    Nonprofessional installation; repointing of the Antenna; removal, repair or disassembly of Equipment by anyone other than a HUGHES-Authorized Service Technician

This limitation effectively rules out 95% of our customer base (who are mobile or portable customers who are not an authorized service technician) from getting ANY equipment repaired or replaced under warranty!  We will certainly do our best to get any defective equipment replaced for you within 1-Year of activation, however we do not make any guarantees at all regarding this warranty, so please just assume that, unless you have an equipment failure within the first 6 – 8 months of purchase and activation, your equipment MAY NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY AT ALL!

The next issue with warranties on this platform is while we are usually still able to get equipment replaced under warranty,  with the HughesNet Consumer and Business Internet platforms the warranty starts the day of the installation and activation because these systems are typically installed by a certified installer.  However due to the nature of our VAR Platform and because Hughes has no way to see what is happening with the equipment at the distributor or in the field, they start our warranty on our VAR equipment on the VAR Platform from the DAY they ship the equipment out to either the distributor or to us or whoever!  So, although it’s not a big issue right now since we can hardly keep this equipment on the shelf and specifically since this equipment has been very stable and reliable!  That could be a factor down the road when equipment is sitting on the shelf for several months!  As of 3/20/19, we are working with Hughes to fix this and find a way to offer a better solution but for now, you should probably just assume that your equipment is probably not going to be replaced under warranty unless something happens to it the first 4 – 6 months of use that isn’t due to neglect or abuse!

Also, since most of our customers are portable and moving this equipment around, this equipment is much more susceptible to drops and other damage which is why we inspect the equipment prior to offering replacement!

Here is what you need to know about that warranty, even if you are within the 1-year warranty timeline mentioned above:


This Limited Warranty does not cover damage or affected operation of the above-referenced Equipment resulting from:
•    Failure to follow instructions
•    Fire, flood, wind, lightning, earthquake or other acts of God
•    Spills of food or liquids
•    Problems with electrical power
•    Misuse, abuse, accident, vandalism, alteration, or neglect
•    Use in combination with other external devices not manufactured or provided by HUGHES

This Limited Warranty does not cover items in the following categories:
•    Software provided by any party other than HUGHES
•    External devices not manufactured or provided by HUGHES
•    Any payments for shipping, delivery, duty, taxes and other fees, or labor or service to representatives or service centers not authorized by HUGHES


On our ISPSAT VAR Business Internet Platform, you have a few options for repair/replacement, but first… we strongly encourage you to troubleshoot your system over the phone with us so we can help you to determine if it is, in fact, a hardware related issue or not as hardware failures are not common on this platform!  Be sure to visit our support section for tips, tricks and troubleshooting information and advice or contact us so that we can assist you with that!  If we determine that your issues are likely hardware related, there are a few options:

  1.  We will have you send us the part number and serial number off of your modem and/or transmitter serial numbers so that we can see if they are still covered under the 1-year repair/replacement warranty or not so that you can decide whether or not it’s worth sending them in to us for repair or replacement or if it might be a better idea just to purchase a replacement!  Keep in mind that damage due to abuse, neglect, power surges or brownouts may not be covered under warranty!
  2. You can choose to ship your modem and/or transmitter/LNB assembly to us or to your service provider so that they can test, repair, and or replace the equipment as needed.  If it is covered under warranty then you will only be billed for shipping!  If it is not covered under warranty, you will be billed for the new equipment accordingly!
  3. You can choose to purchase a new modem or transmitter/LNB assembly from use here and just toss your equipment or send your modem and/or transmitter/LNB assembly to us or the service provider for testing and for repair or replacement!  If it can be repaired or replaced under warranty, you can keep it as a spare or replacement for any future issues you may have, or we may offer to purchase your used equipment to be resold to another customer or used as a spare or replacement!  That purchase price is usually 50% of retail since we will be forced to discount it to the next customer!
  4. In some unique cases, and in emergency situations, we may choose to help speed things up by sending you a loaner modem or transmitter if and when available in order to get you back online quickly until your equipment can be repaired or replaced!  It’s important to know that this is not a “standard” offering as of 3/1/19 as there are some politics involved that complicate this process and make it very difficult or feasible at times!  Customers are still responsible for shipping costs to deliver and return that equipment so please contact us for details on this option!

Feel free to contact us for more information on our equipment warranty and repair/replacement options!

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