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Simulating Bridge Mode in an HT Series Gen5 Satellite Internet Modem/Router

We do not support or recommend this process as it could lead to connectivity issues and downtime!  DO NOT ATTEMPT this process if you are not familiar with networking! We do not accept responsibility for the use of this information.

There is no true “bridge mode” on the HT2000W Modems.

The workaround when a customer wants to use their own router is to do the following:

  • Program a static IP to the WAN port of their own router that matches the subnet on HT Series Modem/Router that is outside of the default DHCP pool of the modem/router.  (For example, you can use
  • The WAN port of the router should be, Subnet, Gateway
  • For DNS use or or any other DNS of your choice.
  • On the modem/router, go into the advanced firewall settings and check DMZ and use the IP address of (or whatever you set their router WAN port to)
  • Under advanced settings uncheck IPv6 automatic (This is at the bottom of the main advanced settings column and not under firewall!)
  • Any port forwarding and routing can then be done on the customer’s router.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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