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Troubleshooting a HughesNet DAPT Meter

Is your DAPT meter not working?  Stuck on Comm Startup?  No sound from the DAPT2?  These steps might help you resolve those issues:

1.   You will need to have the DAPT plugged into the cable correctly (IDU port to the modem / LNB port to the dish) before you power up the modem and get into the installation / pointing page.
2. You need to have the modem in installation mode and be on the signal meter screen on the modem before you press button 3 on the DAPT to progress to the signal strength screens.  You will need to press button 3 at least 3 times to get to where it shows the highest signal strength it’s seen on the left and the current signal strength on the right.
3.  You must / should be using the RG6 3ghz SCC coaxial cable.  People who have added their own cable or who are using jacks or couplers or fittings that are not high-frequency tent to have issues with the DAPT units more than people who use all high-frequency RG6 SCC (solid copper core) coaxial cable!
4.  We do not recommend removing the DAPT until you have completed installation, software updates, and have all green status on the status page and then be sure to power off the modem before removing the DAPT as power shorts or surges can damage the DAPT units.
5. If all else fails, it could be a modem software issue! Hold down the WPS and the reset button (with a paperclip or something) on the back of the modem together for just a second or two and allow the modem to factory reset.  Re-install the latest SBC file and re-install the system so it downloads new software again!  If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you may need to return the DAPT for replacement!
Update: Button #2:  We are hearing that the 2 button on the DAPT2 can control sound and/or display on the DAPT2.  We have not yet tested or verified this, but if you have no display or sound from your DAPT2, try pressing 2 and see what happens!  Let us know as this is new information to us as well!
If you’ve tried all of the above and it’s still not working, and if you purchased the DAPT from us, then we might need to replace your DAPT unit if it’s still under the 1-year warranty, but you’ll need to send it in for testing before they will ship out a new unit and if there’s nothing wrong with the DAPT on their end, they will charge you shipping to send it back to you so you’ll want to try different things before giving up and sending it in for replacement!  If you need to send it in for replacement, please contact us for info on how to do that!
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