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How do I activate my Iridium Satellite Phone

These instructions are for those who purchased a satellite phone through Lone Pine Technology ONLY and may not work for others.

Get Your Phone

You should wait until you get your phone before signing up for a plan.  You may need to have your Order # or information from your phone in order to sign up for service anyway.

Look over the Plans

We offer both pre-paid and post-paid plans for satellite phones. There are benefits to both and drawbacks to both as well.  We will cover that in another post.

Choose a plan that fits your needs and budget.  If you have any questions about doing so, please contact us and we will assist you in determining which plan will best fit your needs.

Get your Order #

You will need a special “Order #” from us and it’s not the one you got from us when purchasing the phone, it’s a different number.

You will need it to place your order for service.

Insert the Correct Sim Card
You should have received 2 cards with your order.
Orange: Post-paid Plans
Green: Pre-Paid Plans

Insert whichever card you need into the phone and power it up outside and your phone will be updated to the plan you chose.

If you are having issues installing the SIM card, here is a video that might help you:

Pre-Paid Plans

If you are selecting a pre-paid plan, you will need to go to:

to sign up for service.

Post-Paid Plans

If you selected a post-paid plan, you will need to go here to sign up for service:

Activate your Phone

Your phone will need to be powered on with the correct SIM card in it and be receiving a signal in order to be activated or to have minutes added, but then the plan or minutes will automatically be added to the phone.

Satellite Phones do not work indoors without an external antenna on the building or in your car without an external antenna on the car.

Test your Phone

We recommend placing a call to someone from your phone to make sure it’s working before you head out into the boonies!

If you have any issues, please contact us!

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