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Payment & Fraud Alerts

We do not accept credit card payments for flagged high risk transactions  without a credit card authorization form and a copy of your photo ID and Credit Card in place, especially if the customer has not done business with us before.  

High Risk Transactions are those that usually include:

  • A separate Billing and Shipping Address
  • A different Name on the Billing and Shipping Address
  • A random order for a high-value item or items without contacting us first to discuss your needs.
  • An order who’s Billing and Shipping Address and Contact information cannot be validated via Online Searches.
  • Orders for unusual Items such as Signal Meters to unknown or uncommon customers without a company name that can be validated online.
  • Fake profiles on Social Media apps.
  • We are unable to obtain information about a valid credit file existing for the potential customer or business.
  • Out-of-Country orders
  • Mismatched Address, zipcode/postal code or CVN.

We have a form available her for a One-Time Credit Card Payment Authorization that we almost always require prior to shipment in order to protect ourselves and the credit card owner from fraudulent transactions.

In order to prevent fraud, we may also require an adult signature at the time of delivery.  If that will not work for you, please let us know so that we can make other arrangements for your order delivery.

If you do not want to submit the One-Time Credit Card Authorization Form which requires you to upload a copy of your Photo ID and Credit Card Front and Back, you will need to make other payment arrangements with us, such as sending or shipping a check to us, or doing a bank-wire transfer.

We apologize for this hassle and inconvienience, however there are a lot of losers out there who can’t handle a real job and choose to scam people out of money and goods, and we can’t let a potential profit on the sale of some goods cost us hundreds or thousands in charge-backs in the end, so our One-Time Credit Card Authorization Form process protects us and the credit card owner in the case of fraudulent credit card transactions.

If you have any questions about this process, please Contact Us!

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