We are actively recruiting 1099 contractors and others to get on board with us to perform the duties requested of us in many different areas. If you are interested in becoming a sub-contractor working with us, or would like referrals to your company for work in your area, please contact us!

Sadly, after Covid, we lost access to several technicians and “Local Service Areas” around the Nation and were forced to downsize our operations significantly.

Kalispell, Montana USA

Our home office is based in the Big Sky Country of Northwestern Montana, less than 30 miles from Glacier National Park.

Although we often charge travel/mileage from Kalispell, Montana since some locations in Flathead County are far away, we consider this area to be a Local Service Area.

Travel Options are Available

We are willing to go almost wherever you need us to go, and however you need us to get there. We drive to many different areas throughout the Northwestern US. We have actually driven as far as  Salt Lake City, Utah, San Antonio, Texas, and Williston, North Dakota.

We’ve taken snowmobiles, and helicopters up to mountain tower locations, and have taken horses, boats, ferries, and more into remote cabin locations.

We have technicians that have flown to Seattle, Washington,  Portland, Oregon, Williston, North Dakota, Fairbanks, Alaska, San Antonio, Texas, and even Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to perform a variety of duties.  Contact us for a quote today!