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HughesNet Voice Telephone Adapter (ATA)

Make calls over your HughesNet Satellite Internet System and Service!

Standard – ISPSAT Portable HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet System w/ Mount & Cable

Portable High-speed Satellite Internet Access that you can self-install and take with you when you go.

HughesNet HT2000W Modem w/ Power Supply

Spare or Replacement HughesNet HT2000W modem for Customers of ISPSAT & Lone Pine Technology Only

Lower Radio Support Arm Assembly for .98m Gen5 Antennas

Replacement bracket, arm assembly and bolts for a .98m Round HughesNet Gen5 Prodelin Antennas

Kymeta U8 Portable/Mobile Satellite Internet System powered by OneWeb

Access OneWeb with the Kymeta U8 Satellite Internet System Many equipment configurations are available, from $20,000 - $31,000 to fit your application!

Basic – ISPSAT HughesNet HN7000s Satellite Internet System

Internet Access with a much Broader Service/Coverage Area and Unlimited Uploads