While we do offer mobile-automatic satellite television systems for DISH Network, DirecTV, and even Bell and Shaw, unfortunately, we no longer offer residential satellite television service calls and installations,  because we stopped in order to focus more on the mobile satellite television systems and fixed, portable and mobile-automatic satellite Internet equipment and services, however, if you are looking for new service or a service call or installation for your existing service, we know people who do and you are always better off to get service from a local dealer that some National Sales Team who probably won’t even know you or take good care of you after you place your  order!

Local Dealers have reputations to worry about and they depend on positive word-of-mouth advertising to keep them going!

If you want satellite TV equipment and services, or already have satellite television services, and are just looking to add a room or receiver, you are probably better off contacting the following companies directly anyway and the will send your dealer or one of their installers out to assist you:

If you are in our local service area in Northwestern Montana, we will be happy to direct you to someone who will assist you. Simply fill out our Request Form below, and we will have someone reach out to you today or the next business day!