Whether you are looking for a way to install your Starlink system, a way to get Internet to your guest home, or the best Internet access solution for your needs, we can help.

We offer site surveys and installation in our local service areas so that you can get the most reliable mount and the best signal in your area.

We know what’s available in your area and what’s best for your needs and application.  Contact us to find the best solutions for your needs!

We can help you get your home automated and integrated by using some of the many home automation products and services on the market.

Security Systems have come along ways over the years.  Protect your home or office with the best security solutions for your needs & budget.

We offer Internet access Restriction hardware & software that restricts speeds, data, and more for personal and public WiFi access.

We sell & rent out satellite phones, pagers, tracking systems and more so you, your loved ones, employees, etc. can be safe and communication from almost anywhere.

Although we no longer install or service audio & video related technology or installations, we know people who do and we can get you pointed in the right direction.

Streaming Solutions

We can help you decide on the best audio & video streaming solution for your needs & budget.

Questions?    Comments?    Suggestions?    Contact us today!

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