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Find the Best Internet Access Solution

With over 25 years in the business, we can help you find the best Internet Access Solution and equipment for your location, needs, application, and budget.
We offer a variety of solutions for fixed, portable, mobile, and marine applications.
And if we don’t have it, we’ll refer you to someone who does!
We work with local, regional, and Global Internet Service & Equipment Providers (ISPs) to get you the right solution the first time.

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Starlink Related Services

Starlink Site Surveys

We offer virtual and on-site site surveys for Starlink in our local service areas.  Find out how and where to mount your antenna, place your modem and run your cables so you can do the installation yourself or have us or someone else do it for you!

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Starlink Installations

Our Starlink installation services will provide you with a solid,  good-looking, professional installation in our local service areas and provide you with the best opportunity to get fast, reliable, and trouble-free Internet access from Starlink.

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Mounts & Accessories

We offer mounts, masts, pipe adapters, and other accessories for Starlink.
We do not recommend using the factory mounts from Starlink in areas where you can get a lot of snow, high winds, etc.
Our mounts, pipe adapters, etc. can provide you with a good, solid reliable installation.

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Internet Access Rentals

Hourly - Daily - Weekly - Monthly - Yearly

We offer Internet Access Rentals for a variety of applications, events & activities.
Whether you need fixed, portable, mobile, or Global connectivity for basic Internet Access for yourself or thousands of people, for surfing the Internet or Broadcasting your Events, we have the equipment, plans, and packages for you!

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Satellite Phone / Pager Sales & Rentals

Satellite Phones & Messenger Rentals

We offer satellite phone rentals, satellite pagers rentals, satellite messenger rentals, satellite locator rentals, and more!

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Satellite Phone & Messenger Sales

We offer satellite phone sales, satellite pager sales, satellite messenger sales, satellite locator sales, and more!

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Other Services

Security & Smart Home

We have a special place in our hearts for our seniors, Veterans, and others.
We can help them find the right security system, smart home, and home automation solutions for their needs.
Simply your life or the life of a loved one today!

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Networking & WiFi

We offer computer networking services as well as WiFi setup, enhancement, access control systems, and services!
Whether you are extending that network to a shop or guest house, or protecting your network or managing access, we have a solution for you!

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Audio & Video

Should you go with DirecTV, DISH Network, or a Streaming Application? Which one is best for you? Let us help you get set up with the right audio and video solutions for your needs and budget.

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Portable / Mobile / Global Internet Access Solutions

We are a dealer for and/or work with MotoSat, Eagle, Winegard, HughesNet, iDirect, Starlink, OneWeb, and other portable and mobile Internet access products & services!

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Portable / Mobile Satellite Television Systems

We are a dealer for and/or work with Eagle, Winegard, KVH, and other portable and mobile satellite television products & services!

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3D Printing Services

We offer 3D Printing Services featuring Wall Brackets, Grommets, and more for use with your Starlink system as well as offering custom 3D printing services.  What can we print for you today?

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VSAT Maintenance

We work with several different companies and organizations performing contracted service calls, installations, and maintenance for VSAT, Multimedia, & Networking systems & services through-out Montana, Northwestern US, and other areas on demand!

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We are a VAR sub-dealer for HughesNet Satellite Internet Service offerings on their Business Internet Platform.  We support our own customers and allow them to self-install, self-maintain, and even move around their HughesNet Satellite Internet Systems & Services.

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Cellular Internet Solutions

We offer several different types of cellular voice/data services & solutions, including cellular modems, cellular hotspots, cellular boosters, amplifiers, etc.  We have the equipment & services to keep you connected in your home or on the road!

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