There are many different forms of Internet access connectivity solutions in our County today, but many of them may not be available to you in your area or may not be right for your application(s).

If you are in our local area of Kalispell, MT U.S.A, we have put together a list of local Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) together for you here!

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Internet Access Solutions (Terrestrial)


Fiber is nice, fast, secure Internet Access that requires a specific fiber cable run to your home or business, and is therefore only available in some areas, usually within 15 – 20 miles of a metro or suburban area.

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Cable Internet

Cable Internet Access is a popular, fast and typically unlimited solution that’s typically available where Cable TV is available since it uses the same cable and is usually provided by your local cable company.

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DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) services are a popular Internet Access solution where landline telephone service is available, and usually only within 5 – 7 miles from a local telephone utility building where the necessary equipment is housed.  The further away your site is from that facility, the slower your connection typically is.

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Wireless Point-to-Point

Wireless Point-2-Point services such as Wi-Max, are typically provided in more suburban areas to anyone who can install an antenna on their home or business that has a line-of-site  to a tower location, typically within 10 – 15 miles.

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Cellular Internet Access

There are many forms of cellular Internet access that are typically provided from the well-know cellular service providers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.

However, there are many resellers out there who bundle data and market specific Internet access solutions and  service plans to residences, small businesses, and large corporations.

You need to be within a cellular service are to get this type of service, and the stronger your signal, typically the faster your internet access from them will be.

We offer Cellular Internet Access Solutions from major cellular providers and dealers.  We have plans that fit many different applications.

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Internet Access Solutions (Satellite)

Satellite Internet Solutions typically work from anywhere within their coverage area where a satellite dish can be installed that has a clear line-of-site to a satellite in the southern skies.


HughesNet is the most popular satellite Internet Access solution in the U.S. offering a variety of platforms to fit various needs, budgets, and applications.

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Viasat (WildBlue, Exede)

Viasat (aka. Wildblue, Exede, etc.) has been around for many years and is a competitor to HughesNet, but currently offers faster service than HughesNet in many areas.

We are a Viasat Authorized Dealer and Service Provider.

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iDirect (VSAT)

iDirect is more of a Business class of satellite Internet access that provides Internet and Intranet access for almost any application and is much more reliable than HughesNet, Viasat and other solutions.

iDirect services typically use larger 1.0m, 1.2m, and 1.8m antennas and larger, more powerful (4-watt, 6-watt, 8-watt) transmitters that make the service much more reliable and capable, and also much less susceptible to weather issues and other interference.

We offer iDirect equipment and service for fixed and mobile applications for residential, commercial, and enterprise applications via several different iDirect service providers that tend to cater to specific needs.

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Unlike the other satellite Internet platforms, Starlink uses a network of satellites that pass overhead to provide connectivity to antennas used at homes and businesses around the World.

Starlink is a new service, launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX in 2021 that is in beta testing as of the date of this data. (Dec. 2021).  Starlink requires a clear 360 degree line-of-site to the satellites passing overhead in order to achieve a reliable connection.

Starlink is worth consideration for many applications as it  currently offers fast speeds and unlimited data and various capabilities that HughesNet and Viasat do not as of the date of this information. (Dec. 2021)

We do not offer Starlink services, but we do offer Starlink related installation accessories, such as pipe adapters, mounts, masts, and more for use with Starlink systems and services.

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