Cellular Internet Access from One LTE

Global WiFi from One LTE

Cellular Internet Access from the Any Major Carrier Wherever you Go!

Unlock the potential of seamless, high-speed internet connectivity with One LTE – the ultimate solution for truck drivers, food trucks, trade show vendors, flea markets, and other pos tasks and more, or those who just wish to have their own private Internet access where-ever they go! The best part?  One LTE uses a virtual sim card that allows you to get a signal from the strongest cellular provide in the area you are in, and while you are on the move!

MiFi TD10

One LTE USB Stick - TD10

MiFi T8

One LTE MiFi T8 Portable Cellular Internet Access from multiple providers!



One LTE CPE-TR200 Cellular Internet Access Router w/ optional rechargeable battery pack!

*Shipping not included. Contact us for a quote!
**Battery for TR200 is optional and is only required when there is no power source available.

MiFi TD10 / MiFi TD8 Data Plans

Unlimited Day Pass

$ 3.90 /day

5 GB


50 GB


100 GB


200 GB


300 GB




CPE TR110 / CPE TR200 Data Plans

Unlimited Day Pass

$ 4.90 /day

100 GB


200 GB


300 GB


550 GB


850 GB


1000 GB




High cost effective global traffic price, wide network coverage across 200 countries and regions. Service provided for remote management, troubleshooting and multi network switching (no roaming)

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