For most of our products, our daily cut-off for shipping is 2pm MST, however, we do our best to get any orders received after that time, processed and shipped out anyway!  Contact us if you have any questions!


We offer many different shipping methods and options.  The methods available on our site, happen to be the most reasonable option for the product you are requesting, but if you prefer another method, please contact us!


As you probably know, it’s hard to find good help today.  USPS, UPS, & FedEx are ALL experiencing issues and delays, as they have been over the past couple of years it seems.  This is COMPLETELY OUT OF OUR CONTROL!  We will do our best to get your product(s) shipped out the same or next business day of your order, but we cannot control what happens after that.  Even USPS Priority Mail that is supposed to take 1 or 2 business days, can sometimes take 5 – 7 days or more and sometimes get held up for a few weeks!  Out of 30 – 50 shipments daily that we make, it seems they lose 6 – 10 per month for us!  Be careful if you select an expedited shipping method as we cannot and will not do anything about it unless you item has been missing for over 5 business days (see below), other than refund you whatever you paid for shipping,  if we do our job and they do not do their’s! 


You have the option to purchase insurance with your order.  If you choose not to do so, we have very limited options for refunding you for shipping or anything.  Especially today, we recommend that you add insurace to your orders.  We will file a claim once we notice that a package has been lost or held up for more than 14 days.  We also file a complaint with the shipping provider, and we recommend that you do as well.

We are a small company and we cannot and will not ship free products to make up for other peoples mistakes.
You must understand that we did our job by getting it to the shipper, it’s someone else who just hasn’t done their’s!

We DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS once an item is showing tracking and has been shipped, unless and until a claim is processed in our favor for that shipment, which can take a month or more.

If your package is missing or delayed, and if you are in a hurry for your item, we recommend ordering the item again and choosing a different shipping method.

Then, once a claim is completed on the original order, we will refund you for the original order or for the newly placed order.

If you just panic and issue a chargeback or something crazy, assuming this is our fault, we will displute that claim with tracking information, and it will only delay a reasonable outcome for both of us.  We will also  have to consider the risk of doing any business with you in the future!





Please do not order from us if you cannot understand these conditions!
Feel free to contact us for more information!