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DAPT2 Signal Meters for use with HughesNet

Speed up Your Installations and Keep your Hands Free to Point the Antenna

Support Arm / Support Strut / Brace for 2″ OD Masts and Mounts

Support that mast or mount with this 2-pack of Support Struts for 2" OD Masts & Mounts

Satellite Dish Covers for 1.2m Round VSAT Antennas

Protect your signal and your 1.2m round VSAT antenna with an MTSAT Heavy Duty Satellite Dish Cover

RidgeLoc Universal RG6 Compression Connectors / Fittings (Bag of 50)

These are the cable fittings we prefer today for satellite TV, satellite Internet and more!

Stainless Steel Bolt/Nut combination for Starlink

Stainless Steel Bolt & Lock Nut for securing Starlink mounts, masts, and more much better than with the Starlink "buttons!"