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Ice Zapper Universal Satellite Dish Heater – Always On

Protect your Signal and Satellite Dish with an Ice Zapper-Always On Satellite Dish Heater.

Hot Shot Satellite Dish Heater Kit for DirecTV/AT&T and larger Antennas

Hot Shot (HotShot) Automatic Temperature-controlled De-icing Heater Kit for DirecTV / AT&T Satellite TV dishes

Non-Penetrating Ridge-Roof Mount with 2 3/8″ OD x 2′ Mast

Heavy-Duty Ridge-Roof Non-Pen Mount with a 2 3/8" OD x 2' Mast

Mast Extensions – Compatible with Starlink (Gen1 Round) Antennas

Extend your existing 2" mast or pipe for use with Starlink (V1 Only) with this mast extension that has a reduced end and is available in various lengths.

Under Eave Mounts with 2″ OD mast and Support Struts – 4pk

Get it out from under your eave and above your gutters with these 2" OD Under-Eaves Mounts