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Stainless Steel Bolt/Nut combination for Starlink

Stainless Steel Bolt & Lock Nut for securing Starlink mounts, masts, and more much better than with the Starlink "buttons!"

DirecTV Adapter Plate for Under Eave Mounting Brackets

Adapter your Under Eave Mounting Bracket to work with DirecTV J-Mount Brackets

RidgeLoc Universal RG6 Compression Connectors / Fittings (Bag of 50)

These are the cable fittings we prefer today for satellite TV, satellite Internet and more!

Standard J-Mount Bracket – 1 5/8″ OD

1 5/8" OD J-Mount Bracket for Satellite Dishes, Wi-Fi Antennas and more.

Support Bracket for Under Eave Mounts

Secure your Under Eave Mount Bracket with this Additional Support Bracket

Universal Chimney Mounting Bracket

Mount your Antenna or other device Quickly and Easily

Y-Type Galvanized Wall Mount

We’ve used this Y-mount bracket in combination with a 1 1/4″ OD mast/pipe to hold off-air antennas, CB antennas, wifi

Flat Coaxial Cable Jumper for under a window, screen or door – 12″ long

Run the Cable under the Window, Screen, or Door easily with this Flat Cable Section

Mounting Pad / Rubber Mat – MAT1 – 24.5″ x 39″

24.5" x 39" Rubber Mat for Under Non-Pen Mounts to protect the surface