Starlink Increases the Price for their RV Services

Starlink Price Increase Notice

Starlink announced a price increase for their portable RV services on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023 via e-mail to their subscribers who live in areas with limited capacity beginning April 24, 2023.   The price increase is just $15, from $135 to $150 per month, but at what point is it just too much for some people and some applications?

Starlink Price Increase Notice

While Starlink is certainly a game-changer for Internet access around the World, at what point is it just too much?

  • Not everyone needs 200mb Internet Speeds.
  • Not everyone needs a low ping. (less latency)
  • Not everyone needs or uses 500gig of data per month!
  • Not everyone can afford to spend $150 per month on Internet access.
QADAPT-V2 in use
QADAPT-V1 in use

We have many fixed, portable and even mobile HughesNet customers who tried out Starlink, yet still kept their HughesNet service and canceled and/or returned Starlink for several different reasons including:

  • Starlink is not yet as reliable as it needs to be for many users and many different applications, and it won’t be in many areas until more satellites are launched and the network is expanded to offer more bandwidth and throughput.
  • We still aren’t sure what the costs, benefits, and limitations of Starlink will be once the network is fully established.
  • The waiting time to get Starlink in some areas is estimated at over 1 1/2 years for their residential systems.
  • Once HughesNet is set up and pointed, it is usually always on since the HughesNet satellite is in a fixed location in the southern sky.
  • HughesNet offers 25mb x 3mb speeds with even faster offerings coming down the pipe in 2023.
  • You can get a HughesNet system that you can self-install, self-maintain, and move around that is just $89.99 per month after the initial equipment investment! (More info!)
  • A HughesNet system can be shipped to you and you could get it up and running within just a few days!

    Moving a HughesNet system around, setting it up and pointing it, is not as easy as Starlink, but it only takes about 20 minutes or so on average. 

  • We (Lone Pine Technology) offer much better support than both HughesNet direct and Starlink.  We actually have a phone number you can call for immediate support, we answer the phone in person, and return your calls and e-mails, usually within a few minutes, or a few hours at the very most.

We offer a portable, self-instable, self-maintainable satellite Internet access solution that works almost anywhere..

It goes without saying that Starlink is and has been a great solution for many people and many applications for sure, and we do not expect to compete with Starlink. 

And, we all know HughesNet is not a great solution for many applications, but it’s still enough for many people, in many areas, with many different applications.

I’ve been a HughesNet dealer / sub-dealer for like 20+ years, back when it was DirecWay and DirecPC. I  believe it’s gotten a bad rap over the years because it was often over-sold to people who were not made aware of everything it can and cannot do as well, what to expect and not expect.  But there’s a reason we have and maintain so many happy customers who still use HughesNet every day, even though Starlink as been out for several years now!

HughesNet certainly isn’t for everyone, but our ISPSAT HughesNet Platform makes it much better.  There is a reason that many of our customers stuck with us and HughesNet vs. switching over to Starlink.  Contact us to find out why that is!  If Starlink might be a better solution for your needs and application, we’ll certainly tell you that too, as we prefer happy customers!

It should be noted that several of our portable HughesNet customers that use our system for work-related applications have discovered that they would have to pay Starlink $500 – $1000 a month to do what they’ve been doing for just $90 – $150 per month with our HughesNet platform.  Find out why!

Contact us to discuss your best, most reasonable Internet access solution for your home, office, or RV needs and application.  We know that Starlink is an amazing product and service, and it will eventually be more reliable, more available and be a great offering for a lot of applications, however, it’s not the most reasonable solution for everyone and for every application today.  Click here for more information on our ISPSAT HughesNet Platform which offers your much more options and capabilities than purchasing direct from HughesNet, and at a lower monthly cost vs. Starlink.

If you want Starlink, you will need to order it at and it could take a while for you to get it unless you order the RV system and service, as it will usually get to you within a couple of weeks.  We do offer parts, accessories, installation advice, and services for Starlink.

If you want to talk about HughesNet, or some other solution for your home, office, RV, etc., just contact us to discuss your needs and application and we will help you determine the best solution for your needs, even if it’s something we do not offer.