Starlink Installations

Heavy-Duty Adjustable Eave Mount for Starlink

We get a lot of calls asking if we sell, install or support Starlink Satellite Internet Systems and Services and the answer is “No, we currently do not!”

We do, however, offer mounts, masts, adapters, ground pole mounts, and other accessories that do make Starlink installation and others a lot easier and of better quality and appearance than normal!

We had a couple of installers for Starlink back in January and February of 2021, but they ended up bailing on us because some of their customers were blaming them for the unreliable and sporadic service that Starlink often has during this beta-testing phase!

I’m pretty sure that once more satellites are up and in orbit, there will be more redundancy than there is now, especially for people who live by trees, mountains, or tall buildings, but for now, as of the date of this article, it’s still hit and miss in many areas!

Once it’s fully operational and much more reliable, we may look into installation teams again!

So for now, good luck!  It’s actually pretty easy to install and our eave mount brackets, pipe adapters and masts and other accessories here that certainly make the job easier and get the Starlink Dish higher in the sky in hopes of achieving a better line-of-site to the satellites passing overhead!

Contact Us if you want to go over some installation ideas or if you have any questions about some of the other solutions that we offer!

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