Starlink Installations

heavy-duty adjustable eave mount for Starlink and more

We get a lot of calls asking if we install Starlink, and we are offering some installations in the Flathead Valley and other parts of Montana for Starlink Systems, however, it is not cheap, we usually do not use mounts and accessories from Starlink to do so, and we only do the installations that we are comfortable doing.

If you would like a quote for a Starlink System installation, you must first schedule a site survey.  We will then contact you to come out and perform a site survey to determine the best location and method of installing your Starlink System.  The cost of this survey starts at $45 + travel.  We will then offer you an estimate for installation.

We do offer mounts, masts, adapters, ground pole mounts, and other accessories that do make Starlink installation and others a lot easier and of better quality and appearance than normal!

We do not guarantee the Starlink Equipment or Service as we have no control over that network.

We’re pretty sure that once more satellites are up and in orbit, there will be more redundancy than there is now, especially for people who live by trees, mountains, or tall buildings, but for now, as of the date of this article, Starlink is not very fast or reliable in many areas, but it still might be the best you can get in your area.

Contact Us if you want to go over some installation ideas or if you have any questions about some of the other solutions that we offer!

Click here to get started with a Virtual (Anywhere) or On-site (Local Service Areas) Starlink Site Survey to find out where and how you should install your Starlink System or to have us Install it for you!