With over 25 years of expertise in satellite internet systems, Lone Pine Technology brings a blend of experience and innovation to every Starlink installation in our local service areas. We understand that a successful installation begins with careful planning, which is why we start with a comprehensive Site Survey. This ensures that we can provide an accurate installation estimate, select the right mount, and determine any additional accessories needed for your unique setup.

Why Choose Us for Your Starlink Installation?

  • Customized Site Surveys: Our initial site survey is a critical step to understand your specific needs and environment, helping us prepare an accurate estimate and plan for your installation.
  • Montana-Ready Installations: We prioritize installations that not only look good but are built to withstand the challenging weather conditions of Montana. Our installations are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Quality Mounting Solutions:
    • Beyond OEM Mounts: We do not use standard OEM mounts from Starlink. Instead, we opt for robust mounts and accessories proven to sustain and function optimally in Montana’s snow levels and weather conditions.
    • Diverse Mounting Options: Every location has its unique requirements. We offer a variety of mounting solutions, including:
      • Ground Pole Mounts
      • Flat Non-Penetrating Mounts
      • Ridge-Roof Non-Penetrating Mounts
      • Tripod Mounts
      • Tower Mounts for heightened tree clearance
      • Custom Mounts tailored to specific needs
  • Discreet and Harmonious Setup: We strive to ensure your Starlink system integrates seamlessly with your property. Options like optional painting and powder coating services are available to help the mount blend with the building it’s installed on.
  • Professionalism and Reliability: Our team’s extensive experience in satellite installations guarantees not only a technically sound setup but also an eye for detail, ensuring a neat and reliable installation.

Start Your Starlink Journey with Lone Pine Technology

Embarking on your Starlink journey should be hassle-free and tailored to your needs. Contact Lone Pine Technology for a Starlink installation that combines expertise, aesthetics, and the robustness required for Montana’s unique landscapes. Your optimal internet experience awaits.

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