Starlink is NOT all it’s hyped up to Be!

Update 7/24/23:  Things have changed over the last couple of years.  Check out our latest post about Starlink here!

If you do not have a 360 degree clear line of site, Starlink will not be reliable for you until they get many more satellite into space.  Most people also have no reason to pay for 200MB speeds when 10Mbps – 20Mbps is enough for most families streaming Netflix, gaming and more!

  I could go on, and while Starlink is a great solution for some, most people will simply not benefit from it enough to deal with the added costs.

Simply put, the latency or “delay” is less than HughesNet and Viasat already offer, and the speeds are currently slower via HughesNet and Viasat, but does that really matter to you?

I, for one will be choosing to keep my Cable Internet, which is currently at 200Mbps speeds and will be faster soon.

For those in rural or remote areas where cable Internet, DSL, Wireless, Cellular LTE and other internet access solutions are not available, Starlink might be the best solution for you.

But remember, if you have trees, tall buidings, etc. surrounding your usage area, it may not be ideal.

We offer HughesNet and ViaSat equipment and services that keep offering faster and faster speeds, and unlike Starlink who needs a clear view to the sky all around you, once HughesNet, Viasat or iDirect are pointed between the trees or tall buildings, nothing is going to change and those systems will be more reliable, and less expensive at $59 – $89 per month typically.

So, choose wisely!  We understand that Starlink is truly a game changer for Internet access with, hopefully portable, mobile and in-motion capabilities someday, but for now, it’s just not there!

As of the date of this blog update and repost, Starlink is still in beta and has very few of the satellites in orbit that they hope to have, so chances are good that you will lose service fairy often.  So, if you’re just using the Internet for e-mail, Facebook or something where it doesn’t matter so much, Starlink will be just fine, but for Netflix, Zoom, Wi-Fi Calling and many other applications, it’s just not all it’s cracked up to be, at least yet!