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T-Mobile has a killer deal going on right now!

UPDATE:  T-Mobile was nice and fast, but I ended up going back to Charter for my Home Internet, because T-Mobile Home Internet was as unreliable as Dialup used to be!  I’m still somewhat happy with their cellular service for the money, but they DO NOT have nearly as good of coverage as Verizon, have a support team that treats everyone as if they are 3-years old (Is your device plugged in?  Really!) and can’t understand anything because they obviously use over-seas support teams that barely speak any English!  So, it was fun, but I’m out. I should have waited before I posted the information below, but the first several days were great, and then…!  It’s probably worth a shot in your are, but beware and make sure you monitor it, if you care at all about reliability!

I had Charter/Spectum 200Mbps Cable Internet at my home/office until yesterday!  I was on the Verizon Wireless Network until yesterday!  Yesterday, I switched to T-Mobile and here’s why:

ALthough coverage and speeds my vary in your area, if you find out you can get T-Mobile Home Internet & Cellular Services, you may want to do it, because you simply cannot beat the deals  that they have going, at least right now. I have been a Verizon customer for 20+ years or so, and I have been a Charter/Spectrum customer for Internet Access for over 10 years.

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I have been hearing rumors about unlimited data, no contracts, faster speeds, free equipment and no setup fees and more for several months, but I’ve been so used to offering products and services that offer Limited Data, Data Caps or Throttling, that I just didn’t believe it, but from what I’ve researched, it’s absolutely true with T-Mobile Home Internet at least, from what I’ve seen so far anyway.

My Experience

I had been calling and chatting with T-Mobile reps for weeks, asking them the questions that most people never ask them.  After getting the right answers, yesterday, I decided to try it for myself.  So, I stopped by my local T-Mobile office.

I went in initially, only to try out their T-Mobile Home Internet because I’m tired of paying $100+ per month for Internet access.  It was free to sign up, I received a free T-Mobile Gateway, there was no activation or set up fees, and I paid nothing up front.  I agreed to pay like $50 a month for service. I was ready to go in less than 15 minutes!

But then the rep asked me about my cellular phone service.  I told him I was paying like $135 per month because I’m paying off my new phone.  He asked how much I owed on it and I said that I thought only $200 – $300 by now.  He said T-Mobile would pay it off for me if I switched over to them and I could pay as little as $65 a month for the service plan I wanted.  Needless to say, that got me pretty interested, so I started asking him many more questions!

“Surely, there is a contract or commitment?” I asked.  Nope.  He said that there is no contract for either service.  We checked, and I still owed $745 for my new phone.  He punched it up, and for my phone, he told me they would reimburse me  up to $800 if I switched over.  I couldn’t believe it!  What a deal!

I continued to ask questions and decided to choose a slightly larger plan that included Netflix or a portion of it anyway!  I purchased insurance as well, and I’m still paying $60 less than I was paying Verizon for phone service, AND my phone is going to be paid off.  He showed me the phones I could have gotten for free if I signed up and didn’t have a phone.  They were some really nice phones!

Better Signal, Speeds, and Performance

The rep had my phone number ported over within minutes and my phone was working great with much better Internet speeds.  We had run a speed test before I switched over, and I was only getting 40Mbps on Verizon.  He was getting 180Mbps on his phone with T-Mobile.  After I switched, I was seeing averages of 180Mbps x 35Mbps.  I checked it as I traveled from place to place around town before coming home and it was all about the same wherever I went.

I was excited to get home and setup my T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway and try out the T-Mobile Home Internet Access.  I had found a good place for the device and had it setup within 10 minutes or so.  The hardest part was changing my existing WiFi router into a switch and reprogramming all of my smart home devices and security systems to see the new network.  Once I did, I was a happy guy!  I was already used to 200Mbps x 10Mbps speeds over my $100 Cable Internet, but now I’m seeing 220Mbps x 57Mbps speeds over my T-Mobile Home Internet system and services for just $50 a month!

I had to use a Verizon Booster at my home/office to get a half-way decent signal when I was with Verizon, and I still dropped calls once-in-awhile, but now I have a good cell phone signal without it over T-Mobile.  I also ended up with a “Good” signal on my T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway, but I can improve on that by purchasing a 3rd Party Mimo Outdoor Panel Antenna for use with is for around $250, which I can easily now justify with my monthly savings, phone reimbursement and more!  (We will actually be offering that antenna kit here soon, as one of our distributors carry it!)


I’ve only had the service for a day or so, but I’ve put these services through a series of tests over that short time, I’ve read the reviews, I asked the questions most people never think to ask and over-all, so far I’m very impressed with these services. I DO NOT sell or even recommend ANYTHING that I don’t believe in and believe that it is a good, reasonable solution for any person, location, or application, so if I find something you should be concerned about, I’ll let you know ASAP with an udpdate here!

Please allow us to refer you to T-Mobile so that we can get a small commission for the referral?  Doing so allows us to offer you information like this and to also spend the time necessary to help you decide which product and service is the best for your needs and budget!

Please submit this form with the information necessary for us to refer you to T-Mobile.  We will have someone reach out to you right away, so you can check coverage in your area and ask the questions you want to ask to see if it might be the right fit for you!  In return, for allowing us to refer you to T-Mobile for a small commission, we will be another level of support for you, if and when you need it.  How do you add the additional antenna?  Where’s the best place to put it?  How do I add an outdoor access point?  We’ll help you with all of that and more!  Which Questions should you be asking?  Contact us to find out!