We decided not to leave the standard “Hello World” blog post in WordPress when we designed this site, so we thought we’d change it to welcome you to Lone Pine Technology.

I hope you will find our company to be honest and compassionate as well as understanding. We only offer products and services that we have experience with and/or education of. We will make sure to help you find the best solution for your needs even if it’s not something that we offer! We prefer happy customers! Our “no-bull” approach to sales and consulting is well-known in the satellite entertainment and communications industries.

Sometimes we actually butt heads with some of the larger companies in our industry that got too big too fast and forgot about who got them there! We usually know our customers by name, and we do answer our phones and return calls and e-mails in the evenings and on weekends, and even Holidays when necessary! Some of our stuff is pretty expensive, but we usually get the calls after someone was quoted much higher prices or a for a product or service that’s offered by other companies!

We have saved many of our customers thousands of dollars on products and services, thanks to our low overhead and variety of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.

I hope you find Lone Pine Technology to be a decent and moral company to deal with at a price you can afford, and we look forward to earning your business.