What are pipe adapters for Starlink?

QADAPT-V1 and QADAPT-V2 Side-by-side

We get asked a lot of questions about our heavy-duty quick pipe adapters for Starlink.  Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions:


Most frequent questions and answers

Pipe adapters are devices used to mount Starlink satellite internet dishes onto new or existing pipes, poles, mounts, masts, etc. The convert a range of mount sizes and types to hold your Starlink Antenna.

You can purchase pipe adapters for Starlink at, however, companies like Lone Pine Technology make heavy-duty pipe adapters that won’t rust, and will hold up to more extreme and saltwater environments.  They also make pipe adapters to fit over larger pipes, poles, mounts, masts, etc.

The installation process for a pipe adapter for Starlink typically involves attaching it to a new or existing pipe, pole, mount, mast, etc. and then clicking your round or rectangular Starlink antenna into the pipe adapter.  Some adapters on the market may require different or additional steps as well.

Most pipe adapters on the market today for Starlink are typically made of semi-durable materials that have proved themselves to have problems holding up to harsh temperatures, environments and weather conditions.   In fact, some people have decided to make and are offering plastic and fiber pipe adapters on sites like Etsy and other sites.  However, the pipe adapters for Starlink manufactured and distributed by Lone Pine Technology are heavy-duty and made out of strong  6061 t6 aluminum material, as well as using stainless steel bolts and jam nuts in order to be a much better, more durable solution, than many or the current pipe adapters on the market.

Pipe adapters for Starlink are designed to fit over new or existing pipes, poles, masts, mounts, pole mounts and more.   When you purchase a pipe adapter for Starlink, it’s important to make sure that it will fit the diameter of your new or existing pipe, poles, mast, or mount.  For example,   Viasat uses a 2″ OD mount, HughesNet uses a 2 3/8″ OD mount, and some VSAT systems use a 2 7/8″ OD mount.  You will want to make sure the adapter you are purchasing will fit over your pipe, pole, mast, mount, etc.

Starlink has never offered a pipe adapter that worked for both round and rectangular antennas.  Although companies like Lone Pine Technology used to offer a pipe adapter for Starlink that worked with any of the Starlink antennas, and while there may still be some available from other companies, you usually have to purchase an adapter that works for either the first edition round Starlink antennas or the newer residential, commercial, and RV antennas.  Lone Pine Technology currently offers pipe adapters for both the original round Starlink antennas, and the newer rectangular Starlink antennas.

If you have any questions about pipe adapters for Starlink, please contact the pros at Lone Pine Technology for more information!