Why won’t we use factory Starlink mounts for your Starlink installation in Montana?

various mounts for starlink

For the optimal Starlink experience in Montana, we’ve made the decision not to use factory-provided Starlink mounts. Why? Montana’s winter conditions pose unique challenges:

Snow and Ice Accumulation: While the Starlink antenna is equipped with a heater, it only functions when powered. Many residents leave for the winter without keeping their system active. Without the heater’s constant operation, snow and ice can rapidly accumulate.

Antenna Movement: Your antenna occasionally needs to rotate and tilt to different angles for optimal satellite tracking. Accumulated snow and ice can hinder these necessary adjustments, affecting its ability to maintain a strong connection with passing satellites.

Durability Concerns: Experience has shown that the materials used in the default Starlink mounts aren’t the best fit for Montana’s rigorous winter conditions. Just last winter, we responded to 43 service calls relating to mount failures or damages, some due to snow and ice impacting the mounts, and others from snow weight accumulation.

Achieving Optimal Signal: Elevating the antenna helps ensure it can connect to as many Starlink satellites as possible. A broader satellite range equates to faster, more consistent service.

Whether you are just looking for a solid mount to use at your site, or having us do the installation for you, we’re committed to providing a reliable and enduring solution. Let’s make sure your Starlink experience is seamless, regardless of the season!

Ready for a hassle-free Starlink experience, tailored for Montana’s unique challenges? Reach out to us! Let’s ensure your connection stays strong, no matter the weather.

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